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Studio Radcliffe


Fine Art


  Artist's Highlights 


Radcliffe Bancroft Lewis
(The Image Maker Has Only Just Begun...)

Born in Spaulding's Jamaica to Ronald Benjamin and Barbara Jean (Rowtham) Lewis.
Age 7
First framed image: (Bird on Branch - graphite)
Age 12
Awarded as a "Consistent Soloist Performer" in Gospel Music - Vocals.
Age 17

Became President and Lighting Designer of the Elizabeth Stickley Auditorium's Theatre Technicians (ATT), Silver Spring, Maryland.

Age 24

Created first compilations of the "Le Portfolio" Images.

Age 26

Ousted from Montgomery College by Rebecca Hammel two days after drafting the "only commercially viable" (her words) portfolio concept among her students.

Age 28

Disenrolled from the University of Maryland System (UMS) after questioning the policies of the administration on culture and finance, to which they could provide no answers.

Age 30
Commenced the Studio Radcliffe Forum.
Age 37
Commenced marketing of Web design services.


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