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Studio Radcliffe


Fine Art


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Radcliffe Bancroft Lewis
(The Image Maker Has Only Just Begun...)


Radcliffe Lewis was born in 1969 in the quaint town of Spauldings, Jamaica, situated in the green hills of the center of that island.  He lived in the neighboring towns and villages where he taught himself to read before entering kindergarten.  He was introduced to drawing by his second grade teacher.  She became so impressed with his talent that she framed one of his first images, of a perched bird, on her living room wall.  The young lad was eventually whisked away to the urban life of Kingston, Jamaica to live with his aunt.  He furthered his education at St. Richards Primary School and Wolmers Boys School.  There, emphasis was on musical abilities, and though he excelled in the genre of gospel to become a consistent soloist performer, he naturally attuned himself by the age of fourteen back to Visual Arts.  By this time, already having migrated to the United States, he eventually propelled to the status of Lighting Designer and President of the Auditorium Theatre Technicians of Montgomery Blair, Silver Spring, Maryland. 


The thespian world of Visual Imagery provided a solid foundation for the new adolescent aficionado to hone his appreciation for, and skills in visual aesthetics,   and   his   devoted   hours  to  the theatrical arts led to bountiful accolades  for  jobs well  done.  He wanted more. 


Photography was the answer; this accessible craft provided a rigorous and concrete venue through which he could preserve the manifestations of his concepts.  But before he could fully engage the image making process at the material level, his life would take a significant turn to thrust him into adulthood through stints of naval warfare, and post-secondary education spiced with jurisprudential activism, and peculiar angles from which to observe social strife.


 These experiences only forged the man into a reservoir of bountiful perceptions, which it would appear the world has not experienced before.


Walk with the Artist through his journeys of View and Vitality.


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